The soup for colds, flus and bad days at the office: Chicken + Lemon.

My first love was Greek.  Kostas was handsome, charming, and best of all he came with a big noisy Greek family. His mother is an inspiring woman, the kind of woman I hope to be one day – a top lawyer, mother of 3, grandmother of 2 and a kick-ass cook. Needless to say I idolised her. She came to visit once when I was laid up with the most awful flu, and made me chicken soup. Not just any chicken soup but Avgolemono -a rich, thick, comfort blanket of a soup.

It´s the perfect thing for a flu. The rice can be cooked until it´s mushy enough to slip down the sorest throat, and the lemon shines through and will help cheer up even the most flu-dulled of palates. But perhaps most importantly, it´s child´s play to make. If you can drag yourself out of bed, you can make this. The ingredients are store cupboard staples -rice, stock, eggs and lemon.

If you have leftover rice on hand then all the better, but if not, boiling a handful of rice in stock is no biggie, even with a flu. Of course fresh stock is best, but a stock cube will do just fine.

Serves 1

Rice: 70gm uncooked or a portion of cooked, rice (risotto, basmati, whatever is handy)

Stock: 2 cups (extra 1/2 cup if using uncooked rice)

Lemon: 1/2 small, juice only

Egg: 1 Large

Cook your rice in the stock, using a small pan bring the rice to a boil in the stock, bang on a tight fitting lid and simmer gently for about 15 minutes (I like to overcook mine a little). Or if using ready cooked, simply warm the two together. Meanwhile beat the egg with the lemon juice. When the rice is ready, take it off the heat and mix half a cup of hot stock into the egg & lemon mixture, then quickly incorporate the egg mixture into the rice. I like to put the lid back on at this point and let the mixture stand while I lay the table (or put a DVD on), allowing  it to thicken just that little more.

2 Responses to “The soup for colds, flus and bad days at the office: Chicken + Lemon.”
  1. Florence says:

    sounds nice, but what is it that’s so suspiciously looking like unhealthy creme fraîche and green ?? on top? maybe toasted pistachios? 🙂

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