I was in Puglia. It was glorious. But I wish Alitalia would give me back my suitcase.

Girls, I just wanted to let you know that, yes, I am alive. I´ve just got back from the most wonderful vacation. 10 days spent driving around the south of Italy with my friend Anja. Flo, you don´t know her so let me tell you, she´s a darling and the best kind of holiday companion – both lazy and greedy.

Puglia in Spring is a dream. Like something out of a cheesy romantic comedy;  fantastically bombastic baroque architecture, deserted beaches, gelato for breakfast.

The heel of Italy is also where most Italian olive oil comes from, and the groves were blanketed in wild flowers.

The men are mostly old, very old. But as they told us, the olive oil keeps them young and impossibly charming. Here is one who sold us some olives and anchovies from his garage.

And of course, the food. I have so much to tell you, about the 9 course Easter lunch cooked by my friend Emi´s Nonna, about the infamous burratas and the tomatoes that are in season all year round. I guess it can all wait till I see you next week, but let me just tell you one important food fact. Spring is Ricci Season in Puglia. Put it in your calender.

Sea urchin gonads, scooped out with bread and eaten by the sea taste of sex. Salty, sweet and slightly musky. Now before you start hating me for my too-good-to-be-true holiday let me tell you that Alitalia has lost my luggage. All my favourite dresses, my best undies, 2 burratas, some of the freshest grassiest olive oil on the planet and a brick-sized chunk of 36 month parmesan.

5 Responses to “I was in Puglia. It was glorious. But I wish Alitalia would give me back my suitcase.”
  1. Melissa says:

    Your succulent narrative on Italy’s finest made my tummy rumble! Then I got to the part about sea urchin gonads… However do you plan to refine my tastebuds with your talk of excessively adventurous delicacies? Perhaps Alitalia confiscated your goodies knowing that my powdered and canned food intestines aren’t yet trained for the delectables that you intended to smuggle back. Either that or your undies were too good to pass up! Can’t wait to see you!

    • Como Solo says:

      Honey your tastebuds are my own personal Himalayas. I like to think that in the 8 (?) years or so I´ve known you that Flo and are at least half way up the mountain. Or are you still eating canned knoedel??? Regarding the suitcase. Well, it´s undeniably the latter. I am sure there is a hirsute and tubby baggage handler somewhere in Milan dancing around MY parmesan wearing MY dirty undies on his head as he slathers himself in MY burrata.

  2. masked food lover says:

    That’s the Italian Dolce vita …. a green fiat 500 to go to some nice beaches, going through the pluglia countryside after a stop to a local old’s man garage to buy some anchovies… Just on time for some raw sea urchins …
    Nice photos, quite depressing to look at them locked in an office … Can’t we go back ?

  3. Melissa says:

    Well then, you should be quite pleased with yourselves. Aside from a sudden and most-likley short-lived relapse brought on by Wolfgang’s purchasing of Maggi seasoning packages, I’ve been implementing many of your kitchen inspirations including pear and Rochefort salad, the magical chocolate cake and of course, the staple for many meals, the microwave potato. It’s not haute-cuisine but it involves more than a can opener which is certainly a step in the right direction. Please continue to inspire me! But feel free to keep your penchant for sea-life sexual organs to yourself!

  4. Shaheen says:

    Just reached your blog via nordljus.. Awfully jealous of your dreamy trip! 😉

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