Lunchbox special: Hummus


Spring has finally arrived in Madrid and with it our bi-annual office tradition, “Operacíon Bikini”. Twice a year, just after Christmas and before the summer holidays, our office falls victim to the tyranny and mass hysteria of The Soup Diet. The soup in question is a rather heinous concoction of cabbage, leeks and a few other veggies – stewed into submission until all the yum has been leached out. You can drink as much of the obnoxious stuff as you want, and each day you´re allowed one extra – sometimes fruit, sometimes lean meat and once a week skimmed milk and bananas. That´s always a miserable day in our office.

To show some solidarity with our dieters I decided that I too would make some healthy changes to my packed lunch.  It just didn´t feel right to let them watch me eating spaghetti and cheesecake. So last night I made hummus. I looked a few recipes up on-line and they all seemed to say that only cooked-from-scratch chickpeas will do. What rubbish. I made this in 10 minutes with a jar of chickpeas that has been resident in the back of my cupboard since about, uhm, 1993 and it was great. SO very much better than the stuff that the supermarket sells.

Makes about 1 cup

Chickpeas a small can (about 1 cup, or 200gms drained weight)

Tahini 1 heaped tbsp (a normal one, not a measuring spoon)

Garlic 1 fat clove grated

Lemon 1/2 juiced

Cumin a pinch

Drain the chickpeas, reserving the liquid and about 1 tbsp. of chickpeas. Whizz up in a blender till smooth with a  tablespoon of the liquid, tahini, garlic, cumin and about 2 tablespoons  of the lemon juice.  Taste. Season, add more lemon juice or anything else that´s needed, or a little more liquid to loosen it. Garnish with olive oil (about 1 tbsp.) and a dusting of paprika or sumac.

Serve with pita, chips, veggies, anything dipable. I had mine with carrots. Two carrots is about right for this quantity of hummus.

3 Responses to “Lunchbox special: Hummus”
  1. Melissa says:

    Fantastic! I love recipes that don’t involve cooking!

  2. Florence says:

    Wow. What a yummy looking dish – and what great pictures! If you could add some tiny information to the nutritious benefit of chickpeas, it would make this an even more convincing spring dish (speaking of diets).

  3. french guy says:

    Agree with Florence, the photos look fantastic, proof is i just leaked my screen around the first one….
    Don’t complain if i have a nice bikini body by july.
    I would add that 1993 was a great year for chickpeas…. or was it for Red Bordeaux ??

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