Greek yogurt pannacotta two ways: berry and mango


It was my turn to bring dessert to the office last week and I made these pannacottas.  Aren´t they cute? Unfortunately in the rush of leaving home with a hangover (socks, keys, am I wearing deo???) I forgot them on the kitchen table. They weren´t so cute when I got home and had to set about making another batch.

But luckily pannacotta only takes 10 minutes, and they give me an excuse for using my cute little yogurt pots. You see, I am a terrible hoarder.  Postcards, odd socks, flyers. There´s a lot of stuff I am unable to let go of.  I even bought a book on “letting go”. It hasn´t helped.  One of the things I have in overabundance are yogurt pots. Here in Spain a lot of yogurt comes in the sweetest little glass jars. Needless to say, I have a lot of little glass pots hanging around my house. I really should cart them all off for recycling but I keep finding excuses. They make great vases! And disposable ash trays! And of course,  you can even use them for cute single serving desserts.

I adapted the recipe from these gorgeous pannacottas and read up on the technique on this great post.

Greek Yogurt Pannacotta

Serves 3

Sugar: 45 gm

Cream: 200 ml

Vanilla: half a pod

Sheet gelatin: 2 gm (1.25 sheets in my case)

Greek style yogurt: 1 pot (125 gm)

Soak the gelatin sheets in a little cold water.  Slit the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Add the pods and seeds to the  cream along with the sugar. Gently heat until scalding hot, stir in the soaked gelatin (carefully, you don´t want to introduce air bubbles). Strain a little of the cream mixture into the yogurt, stir until combined and the yogurt has a looser texture. Strain and stir in the rest of the cream. Pour into individual serving dishes, cover and refrigerate until set.

The second time round, I added 2 heaped teaspoons of cocoa to half the mixture to make a chocolate layer. Remember to dissolve the cocoa in a little of the cream mixture to make a smooth paste before adding it to the rest of the cream.

Fruit toppings

After allowing my pannacottas to set, I topped them with fruit puree and garnished with fruit pieces. The first day it was strained berry puree (a handful of strawberries, raspberries and grapes whizzed up in my mini food processor), and the next day a mango.

I cut the mango into cubes, reserved some of the best looking pieces for the garnish and pureed the rest. I used some chocolate chips and the vanilla pods I had used to make the pannacotta to finish the garnish.

2 Responses to “Greek yogurt pannacotta two ways: berry and mango”
  1. They both look great. I especially like the look of the stripes in the chocolate and mango version.

  2. Mary says:

    Leaving them on the table sounds exactly like something I would do! These look fantastic–i must try them soon!

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