Single chick supper: Lavender figs with ricotta.

A. came to visit last week, it’s always hard when he leaves. To comfort myself I remind myself of all the things that are great about living alone. I deliberately left the top off the toothpaste,  I listened to Lady Gaga over and over again as I got ready for work and for supper I had lavender figs.

Figs are in season at the moment, I chose a big one for dinner. I topped each half with a teaspoon of sugar which I melted using my creme brulee torch. To each of the caramelized figs I then added a fat pinch of lavender. I seasoned them with pink pepper, dressed them with balsamico and olive oil, and ate them with a piece of  Italian ricotta and a baguette.

6 Responses to “Single chick supper: Lavender figs with ricotta.”
  1. Maddie says:

    So sorry about your boy leaving. 😦 That’s never fun…but single-person food is. Lavender figs sound great!

    My boyfriend is insistent on having protein with every meal, so if he’s out, I have a dish consisting of only carbs. (I’m oh-so-rebellious.) It’s lovely.

    • Como Solo says:

      A. is exactly the same. Even though he lives in Italy he just doesn’t understand the concept of pasta without protein. I’ve been trying to convert him to spaghetti agli olio for years, but he just doesn’t get. He thinks a can of tuna would improve it!!!

  2. OMG OMG I loveee the idea of torching the figs to caramelising them. LOVELY!

  3. I tried this with the gorgeous lavender you sent me. LOVED it. I served it to everyone in my family too. You should try caramelising orange segments with brown sugar and then sprinkling it with cinnamon. That’s my current obsession.

    • Como Solo says:

      OMG, that sounds gorgeous! I´m thinking, rice pudding topped with the oranges. I might even add a little chilli to it…

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