It’s hard to believe from behind my desk in the suburbs, that just last week I was here:

Brittany, my boyfriend´s home. His mother has an old fisherman’s cottage 10 metres from the shore. It´s in the middle of nowhere, a half hour drive from the nearest supermarket. I´ll post more about the food in a bit, once I´ve dealt with the pile of unanswered emails and urgent to-dos.

Until then here are some more photos:

5 Responses to “Brittany”
  1. Wow…it looks dreamy. So open. I can smell the fresh air.

    • Como Solo says:

      Believe me it is! It’s my favourite corner of France. I love that despite the amazing seafood and beaches it’s still rough and desolate. It’s such a rarity in Europe where summer at the beach usually means fighting aggressively for your one inch of sand, or paying 50 bucks for a sun lounger.

  2. Maddie says:

    I think I might bookmark this post, and return to look at the pictures throughout the next workweek. I’m leaving on vacation next Friday, and I need some hope to get me sanely through the remaining office hours…

    Seriously, this looks like an incredible, beautiful trip, and all the better when you shared it with your boyfriend. 🙂

    • Como Solo says:

      Hey Maddie! You’re going to Croatia, right? I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about the trip. Have a fantastic time.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I’m on a mission to reply to all the unanswered emails today and while I’m done replying to all – Gmail just doesn’t open your email for me. I’m going try again in a few hours and take our conversation forth from there.

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