Crêperie de l’Abri

Before A. took me home to Brittany a crepe for me was fairground food, something made at a stall that left a greasy imprint on its paper plate.

God I was naive back then. A true Breton crepe is a sublime thing of great beauty.

Like the English and their pubs, the Breton are fiercely faithful to their creperie. A. and Caro drive an hour down to the port of Saint Marin for theirs. They tell me that the Crêperie de l’Abri is the ONLY place to go. It’s the successor to the legendary “La Cremerie”, a place run by two spinster sisters who kept cows in the back garden and served crepes in their front room. When the sisters finally retired, they passed on the secret recipe to one of their waitresses who opened up a place next to the “Abri”. Back in the day the Abri was a sort of Mens Club, forbidden to women, where the men could escape their wives to drink, talk rubbish and whatever else it is that men do when we’re not around.

If you ever find yourself in Brittany then please go, and eat a complet for me. The other crepes are of course wonderful, especially the famous chocolate one, or the salted butter caramel, or even the new-fangled ones like goats cheese and honey. But you should start with the complet: cheese, bacon and egg, and wash it down with the local cider. And if you have enough room then please try their fantastic fish soup and artisanal ice creams (my favourites are the rhubarb and salted butter caramel). Their scallop salad is also pretty good, but I’m not sure how ethical it is to charge 12 bucks for 4 scallops and a pile of leaves.

15 Quai Jacques de Thézac, 29120 Combrit

+33 2 98 51 98 72

4 Responses to “Crêperie de l’Abri”
  1. Maddie says:

    Lately, I’ve been wanting to drop everything and move to France. You know, just because.

    Your crepe stories and pictures are really not helping with my self-control…

  2. You make my mouth water with the description and the photos. Can I please come live with you?

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