Langoustine ♥ Mayonnaise

My new friend Shaheen the purplefoodie recently asked me about raw eggs, she’s slightly squeamish about the concept and wants to know what I make of it.

Shaheen my dear, I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s only kinky the first time*.

I was taught to eat raw eggs by Caro, my boyfriend’s mother. Caro is an admirable woman but not one to  be stuck in the kitchen. She would much prefer a packet of Gauloise and a good whisky, thank you very much. She considers herself  to be no great shakes in the kitchen, but I think she´s a fantastic cook. She taught me to make mayonnaise, from an egg, a raw one. Real mayo was a revelation to me and got me over my squeamishness pretty quick.

Caro makes mayo with complete nonchalance and a battered electric whisk from the 70s. It never breaks, splits, sulks or does all of the things that mayo is famous for. Her secret is to pour the oil in thin slow stream, and have all her ingredients at room temperature.

For some other great tips look here and here.

Caro´s Mayo

1 egg yolk

A generous heaped teaspon of dijon mustard (see photo)


Oil. Have about a cup on hand, you won´t need all of it. Sunflower, corn or any mild tasting oil works best. Olive oil is too overpowering, but if you must then try to use a mild one.

Seperate your egg, you´ll only need the yolk. I just crack mine into a bowl, slip out the yolk with my fingers and empty the rest into the sink. Add the mustard and a little salt. Start whisking, slowly at first. After a few moments turn the speed up and start adding the oil,  in a thin but steady stream. Caro pours straight from the bottle with her left hand, working the electric whisk with her right. I´m not as accomplished as her, so I took Maki´s advice and use a squeezy bottle. Unfortunately my electric whisk is evil, so I use a stick blender which does the trick.

When the mayo reaches the right consistency stop adding oil.

If you like you can add a touch of lemon juice or vinegar at the end, but Caro says that´s only for white meat, and when visiting her in Brittany there´s only one thing we eat with our mayo. Langoustines, lots of them.


* I borrowed this quote from a guy I used to share an office with, a hilarious and gorgeous gay bodybuilder. My life has been a lot more interesting since I started taking his advice, and this is one to live your life by.

13 Responses to “Langoustine ♥ Mayonnaise”
  1. Maddie says:

    Your coworker’s advice is magic. To be honest, I hate mayonnaise, and yet armed with that quote and a dollop of actual, homemade, and therefore automatically less-creepy mayo, I’d try it. And then I’d try it again, probably, because it wouldn’t be kinky anymore, right?

    • Como Solo says:

      Absolutely! I hate Hellman´s mayo, but the real stuff bears little resemblance to it. Go one, be kinky, you know you want to!

  2. I’d take Caro’s advice too. She seems an admirable woman, indeed.

    • Como Solo says:

      She is pretty fantastic, smokes like a chimmney, has excellent taste in whiskey and lives in old fisherman´s cottage on the coast of Brittany that was a bathroomless ruin when she bought it. She did it up by herself, a little bit every summer, stone by stone, with a little help from her two cranky kids and a deadbeat ex-husband.

  3. PreeOccupied says:

    Caro’s mayo sounds so refreshing. Btw that photograph (# one) of shrimps in the colander is stunning!

    • Como Solo says:

      I´d love to bask in your compliment, but that wouldn´t be fair. I recently graduated from a lousy point and shoot to a Lumix GF1. It takes such fantastic photos, and makes me look more talented than I am!

  4. Kalyan says:

    Hi, you have got a great blog here. Fantastic pictures. And thanks for clearing the non vegetarian myths about Europe live at my blog. I was initially a bit sceptical when I read your comment. There go the veggies again, I thought. Then i came here and saw the prawns.

  5. Thank you for this! 🙂 Mayo sounds an easier place to start as compared to gazpacho with egg!

  6. matt gordon says:

    jeepers i love langoustine and mayo. didnt think to put it together, but i am going to use this one in my rotation for a sandwich for my wife and son.

  7. Mia says:

    Hah, raw egg, im quite “shy” with raw egg too!!
    My mommy makes the myo the same way , with the thin stream of oil and she loves only Portuguese olive oil for the same!
    i agree, u have some beautifully delish pics here!

    • Como Solo says:

      Hi Mia, that’s very kind of you to say so. Your Mum sounds like a very wise lady, you’ve got get her to teach you how to make mayo!

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