Lolina Cafe

Everyone should have a place they can go to to sink into a comfy armchair, read the Sunday newspapers and drink coffee. Preferably it should be someplace you can go in your tracksuit bottoms and “Franky Says Relax” t-shirt. When I’m in London, it’s my Mum’s couch, but in Madrid it’s Lolina Cafe. Vintage furniture, not too many hipsters, great “tostas”. What more could you ask for?

Lolina Cafe

Calle Espiritu Santo 9

Madrid 28004

5 Responses to “Lolina Cafe”
  1. Florence says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I have a café like that in about every city. In Prague, it’s Radost FX, in Cologne, Salon Schmitz, in Melbourne, it’s the Cowderoy Dairy (of which I could post pictures and even a video if I knew how to do it). Writing this post, i.e. withdrawing attention from my kids having lunch, resulted in one kid on the table, chips mixed with water all over the place and in cups, and sprinkles of lemon over the whole mixture (left-overs of beetroot, fish, and chips). I’m sure they’ll make great cooks one day….
    Anyway, I wish I was in Madrid and could do right that: hang out for a half a day at Lolina’s and read the papers. Or just stare at the ceiling.

  2. nadya says:

    I love Lolina cafe too – the only downside is trying to get a seat!

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