Pizza Al Taglio + El 13.

The Madrid foodie scene has many things going for it. Pizza is not one of them. Luckily I live just around the corner from the only decent pizzeria I know of.

Pizza al taglio (Calle Barco 45) is a tiny hole in the wall place,  and is probably more a foccacceria than a pizzeria. They’ll cut you a slice as big or small as you like and their crisp yet chewy thin crust bases are topped with all manner of things.

Try the pumpkin and smoked cheese, anything that has artichokes on it, and my all time favourite, the truffle pizza. They’re also one of the few places in Madrid that will go the extra mile for vegans.

The one thing they don’t have is seating. Instead they have a deal with El 13, a funky bar a few doors down that will happily allow you to enjoy your pizza with a few drinks.

ps. they also have an exceedingly cute pizza chef!

5 Responses to “Pizza Al Taglio + El 13.”
  1. Maddie says:

    That wall has so much character! I’d bring my pizza to the bar just to soak up the ambience (if I were lucky enough to be in the neighborhood, of course).

  2. I’d love to try the pumpkin and smoked cheese variety and a view of an exceedingly cute pizza chef while your pizza is being sliced is a lovely bonus.

  3. cachafaz says:

    hii – i reached your blog randomly, it is now 12:56 a.m. and i just got through reading every single post on here! I couldn’t stop! the photos are gorgeous and i really enjoyed your writing. thought i should leave a comment saying so 🙂

  4. It seems fantastic! Regards from spain!

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