Dear people of Tunisia, congratulations on your revolution, but please don´t forget Lucas Dolega.

If you read the papers, then I´m sure you´ve heard of the Tunisian revolution. Perhaps you even read the brief mention of the French photographer who died yesterday?

He was a friend of mine, A.´s best friend since high school in Tangiers. He´s in Tunis right now, bringing him back to Paris. Lucas spoke 6 languages and was blacklisted by the Canadians for absentmindedly crossing the border with a tiny lump of hash in his pocket.  He was extremely charming , occasionally arrogant and always terribly well dressed.

I will miss him.

When I am sad I cook; always chilli con carne. It´s the perfect thing to stir bitter and salty emotions into. The last time my heart was broken all my friends, and even my physiotherapist, ended up with freezers full of chilli. But this time I couldn´t. I took my camera out for a walk instead. I took this photo because I liked the pattern, it was only this morning that I read what was written on the window.

It says “La vida nos es dada” (life is given to us).

It helped me make sense of the loss of such a hard partying friend, a compassionate human and a great photographer.

So, if you´d like to do me a favor then celebrate my friend Lucas´ life by having a drink, by telling your loved ones how much they mean to you or by taking a photo.

3 Responses to “Dear people of Tunisia, congratulations on your revolution, but please don´t forget Lucas Dolega.”
  1. Terrible news. For you, in honor of Lucas’ life, I’ll do all three.

  2. Delfina says:

    You know… also send you a hug… and will be doing the 3 as well…

  3. Maddie says:

    Debs, I’m so, so sorry about Lucas. I love the memories of him that you relate here—it sounds like he lived the heck out of his life. At the end of the day, that’s the most any of us can aspire to.

    Hugs from America.

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