I like DiverXO, I ♥ Insitu.

I went to my first Michelin star restaurant the other week. I was very excited to go. A. and I took our friend Rachel for her birthday. It was nice, very nice. There were desserts straight out of Alice in Wonderland, they did things with pork that were bordering on obscene! (in a good way, … Continue reading

When in Bombay, eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Internet Dating. I haven´t tried it, probably never will. But I´ve come pretty close. It usually starts with an innocuous comment on a post, followed by e-mails and before you know it I´m standing on a street corner in a carefully chosen outfit scanning the crowd for my Potential New Blogger Friend.  This is pretty much … Continue reading

Pizza Al Taglio + El 13.

The Madrid foodie scene has many things going for it. Pizza is not one of them. Luckily I live just around the corner from the only decent pizzeria I know of. Pizza al taglio (Calle Barco 45) is a tiny hole in the wall place,  and is probably more a foccacceria than a pizzeria. They’ll … Continue reading

Lolina Cafe

Everyone should have a place they can go to to sink into a comfy armchair, read the Sunday newspapers and drink coffee. Preferably it should be someplace you can go in your tracksuit bottoms and “Franky Says Relax” t-shirt. When I’m in London, it’s my Mum’s couch, but in Madrid it’s Lolina Cafe. Vintage furniture, … Continue reading