Mas Estela Winery.

We almost didn´t make it to Mas Estela. It was pouring buckets and we were driving the wrong way down a muddy lane barely wide enough for a donkey. I was in a foul mood and all ready to turn back and go home. We´d been searching all day for a beach that allowed dogs*; for our … Continue reading

Sorry it´s been 3 months since my last post, but I´ve been a little distracted lately…

… I´m fostering a rescue dog! This is Suma, who I got through Nueva Vida Adopciones.  She´s superduperadorable, really good and soooo affectionate. But she does have her issues. She´s doesn´t know how to play. Not with toys, people or dogs. When I take her to the dog park she prefers lying down and having a nap … Continue reading

I like DiverXO, I ♥ Insitu.

I went to my first Michelin star restaurant the other week. I was very excited to go. A. and I took our friend Rachel for her birthday. It was nice, very nice. There were desserts straight out of Alice in Wonderland, they did things with pork that were bordering on obscene! (in a good way, … Continue reading

Dear people of Tunisia, congratulations on your revolution, but please don´t forget Lucas Dolega.

If you read the papers, then I´m sure you´ve heard of the Tunisian revolution. Perhaps you even read the brief mention of the French photographer who died yesterday? He was a friend of mine, A.´s best friend since high school in Tangiers. He´s in Tunis right now, bringing him back to Paris. Lucas spoke 6 … Continue reading

When in Bombay, eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Internet Dating. I haven´t tried it, probably never will. But I´ve come pretty close. It usually starts with an innocuous comment on a post, followed by e-mails and before you know it I´m standing on a street corner in a carefully chosen outfit scanning the crowd for my Potential New Blogger Friend.  This is pretty much … Continue reading

Pizza Al Taglio + El 13.

The Madrid foodie scene has many things going for it. Pizza is not one of them. Luckily I live just around the corner from the only decent pizzeria I know of. Pizza al taglio (Calle Barco 45) is a tiny hole in the wall place,  and is probably more a foccacceria than a pizzeria. They’ll … Continue reading

Greek yogurt pannacotta two ways: berry and mango

  It was my turn to bring dessert to the office last week and I made these pannacottas.  Aren´t they cute? Unfortunately in the rush of leaving home with a hangover (socks, keys, am I wearing deo???) I forgot them on the kitchen table. They weren´t so cute when I got home and had to set about … Continue reading