Look Mum I made a Rendang!

Like all Mums, mine is a fountain of unsolicited good advice: 1) Always brush and tie-up your hair at bedtime 2) You don´t need to buy ANOTHER face cream, you need to drink more water 3) If you´re scared of doing something ask yourself what´s the worst that could happen. If you end up broke … Continue reading

Fennel and coriander spiced pork

I’m the kind of person who wanders around the supermarket in a mild state of panic, picks things up, puts them back and always comes out with the same things. Lemons, eggs, potatoes and apple juice. So it is with great pride Florence that I tell you that last Thursday I picked up a pork loin. … Continue reading

Tagine kefta mkaouara: meatballs & egg

Mmmmmmmmm meatballs. They appeal to me on a very primal level. I first come across this tagine when travelling through Morrocco in 2001.  Meatballs, spicy tomato sauce and a soft yolked egg. It just doesn´t get any better than that does it? I´ve been meaning to make it since, and after 9 years of procrastination I … Continue reading