Sorry it´s been 3 months since my last post, but I´ve been a little distracted lately…

… I´m fostering a rescue dog! This is Suma, who I got through Nueva Vida Adopciones.  She´s superduperadorable, really good and soooo affectionate. But she does have her issues. She´s doesn´t know how to play. Not with toys, people or dogs. When I take her to the dog park she prefers lying down and having a nap … Continue reading

This is THE LAST pet couture post. I promise.

It´s just that my little sister liked the last one, so this is for her. A dog I saw in the Retiro.


This is Titi, everyone knows her in my neighbourhood, she’s kind of a celebrity. Always immaculately turned out, this is her winter wardrobe -in the summer you’ll sometimes catch her accessorising with flowers.

It’s that time of year again.

I’ve been trying to ignore the obvious for a while now, but when I saw this little dog today I knew I had to admit to myself that Summer is now a memory, Autumn never happened, Winter has hit Madrid. I’m going to go look at Boo videos to cheer myself up.

Viva España, Campeón Del Mundo!!!

After 118 goalless minutes and a record breaking 14 yellow cards Spain are World Champions. I wish you were here to experience it, Spain has exploded with tears, joy and adulation for “Pulpo Paul”. They were still blowing the vuvuzelas when I went to work this morning and they’re still blowing them now!

Thanks for a great weekend.


Today was a great day!

I had a croissant for breakfast.   I wore my new shoes to work. And I met this cute couple on the way home from work. But best of all, I know that tomorrow will be even better, because two of my dearest friends are coming for the weekend!


This is Molly, as much as I am against dressing dogs up, isn’t she a darling?

Reluctant Chihuahua

Here’s one of my neighbours I see around the barrio. He’s a rather grumpy old man of at least 173 who drags his overdressed chihuahua around behind him. I had to sneak up on him to take this, I didn’t think he would take too kindly to being photographed.

It’s cold here!

Believe it or not it gets cold in Madrid. My friends back home in Berlin may snigger, but it does. The trendy neighbourhood  where I live is populated mostly by little old ladies, the ueberfashionable members of the gay community, and their miniscule pooches. The pensioners favour Yorkies and the guys French Bulldogs. But whatever … Continue reading