Crème brûlée for one: Vanilla. Lavender. Cardamom. PARMESAN.

Like so many people I know, a good crème brûlée is one of my most favourite desserts. But it´s one  I´ve always been hesitant about making. I´m  intimidated by anything that needs a water bath or involves a gently cooked custard. Whether it´s meant to be crème brûlée or ice cream, it usually ends up as scrambled eggs. So it … Continue reading

Toaster oven baking: Alice Medrich´s cocoa brownies & brownie cheesecake.

Making a whole tray of brownies just for yourself may sound a bit much. But it was a Sunday, my first Sunday home alone with nothing to do and nowhere to be since a long time. I don´t know what you do on such occasions but I slob around the house in my harem pants … Continue reading

Best ever chocolate cake: why did I mess with it???

Update: Nairn over at Random Eats just made my cake! As an introduction I think I can do no better than to copy-paste the e-mail I sent to him: Dear Nairn, this is my favourite recipe. Why you may ask. Is it because you only have to wash up one bowl and a cake pan … Continue reading