My new clock

A birthday present from my dear friend Melissa. I love it. Advertisements

Thanks for a great weekend.


Today was a great day!

I had a croissant for breakfast.   I wore my new shoes to work. And I met this cute couple on the way home from work. But best of all, I know that tomorrow will be even better, because two of my dearest friends are coming for the weekend!

Pork cheeks braised with orange rind and red wine.

For someone who lives alone the recipe that follows might look too long to bother with, but really, braising is a habit that is worth getting into if you live alone. Slow braised meats freeze well, and there´s a lot you can do with braised meat – shred them into tacos, eat them over pasta, … Continue reading

The soup for colds, flus and bad days at the office: Chicken + Lemon.

My first love was Greek.  Kostas was handsome, charming, and best of all he came with a big noisy Greek family. His mother is an inspiring woman, the kind of woman I hope to be one day – a top lawyer, mother of 3, grandmother of 2 and a kick-ass cook. Needless to say I … Continue reading