Chocolate fondant for one

OK, maybe chocolate fondant is already passé. The noughties equivalent of prawn cocktail and  black forest gateaux. But have you ever met a person who didn´t like it? And if you have, I suspect they were a little creepy and potentially psychopathic. Probably the kind of person who wears their trousers up to to their nipples … Continue reading

What to eat when BA cancels Christmas: My Mum´s whole spice braised chicken.

British Airways you suck. Thank you for cancelling my flight home for Xmas and then “re-instating it”. Thank you for letting me know by SMS 1 hour and 22 minutes before take-off. Do you know or care that there is no way I can get home, pack and get to the airport on time? There … Continue reading

Look Mum I made a Rendang!

Like all Mums, mine is a fountain of unsolicited good advice: 1) Always brush and tie-up your hair at bedtime 2) You don´t need to buy ANOTHER face cream, you need to drink more water 3) If you´re scared of doing something ask yourself what´s the worst that could happen. If you end up broke … Continue reading

Clean out your cupboards! Farfalle with pistachios.

My kitchen cabinets are deep, and full, and at the back you´ll find a motley collection of random eatables that must have seemed like a good idea to someone. Usually it´s friends who come to visit and buy stuff that just doesn´t figure into my scheme of things -15 different kinds of tea, lentils, hi-bran … Continue reading

Toaster oven baking: Alice Medrich´s cocoa brownies & brownie cheesecake.

Making a whole tray of brownies just for yourself may sound a bit much. But it was a Sunday, my first Sunday home alone with nothing to do and nowhere to be since a long time. I don´t know what you do on such occasions but I slob around the house in my harem pants … Continue reading

Greek yogurt pannacotta two ways: berry and mango

  It was my turn to bring dessert to the office last week and I made these pannacottas.  Aren´t they cute? Unfortunately in the rush of leaving home with a hangover (socks, keys, am I wearing deo???) I forgot them on the kitchen table. They weren´t so cute when I got home and had to set about … Continue reading

Best ever chocolate cake: why did I mess with it???

Update: Nairn over at Random Eats just made my cake! As an introduction I think I can do no better than to copy-paste the e-mail I sent to him: Dear Nairn, this is my favourite recipe. Why you may ask. Is it because you only have to wash up one bowl and a cake pan … Continue reading

The soup for colds, flus and bad days at the office: Chicken + Lemon.

My first love was Greek.  Kostas was handsome, charming, and best of all he came with a big noisy Greek family. His mother is an inspiring woman, the kind of woman I hope to be one day – a top lawyer, mother of 3, grandmother of 2 and a kick-ass cook. Needless to say I … Continue reading

Lemon crème fraiche pasta

I hope you´ll forgive me if I´m not very charming today. It´s just one of those days. A Wednesday, freezing cold, the rain is falling horizontally and on the way to work my left boot developed a hole. There´s nothing worse than a sodden sock. My fridge is bare, and by the time I got … Continue reading

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

I once lived with a chef, my friend Walter. He was straight out of the Anthony Bourdain school. At one stage he was pulling 16 hour shifts and spending the mornings dancing away in some of Berlin´s most notorious clubs. But when he was at home, he didn’t cook much -he would order in pizza, or … Continue reading