Toaster oven baking: Alice Medrich´s cocoa brownies & brownie cheesecake.

Making a whole tray of brownies just for yourself may sound a bit much. But it was a Sunday, my first Sunday home alone with nothing to do and nowhere to be since a long time. I don´t know what you do on such occasions but I slob around the house in my harem pants … Continue reading

Good things come to those who wait, and stir, and wait: cardamom rice pudding

The way I see it, the Spanish are the Indians of Europe. 1. Pedro Almodavar is soooo Bollywood. 2. Like us, the Spanish have no concept of volume control. 3. Families are tight. As in India it’s socially acceptable here for your 30 year old son to live at home where Mummy can take care of the ironing … Continue reading