Chocolate fondant for one

OK, maybe chocolate fondant is already passé. The noughties equivalent of prawn cocktail and  black forest gateaux. But have you ever met a person who didn´t like it? And if you have, I suspect they were a little creepy and potentially psychopathic. Probably the kind of person who wears their trousers up to to their nipples … Continue reading

What to eat when BA cancels Christmas: My Mum´s whole spice braised chicken.

British Airways you suck. Thank you for cancelling my flight home for Xmas and then “re-instating it”. Thank you for letting me know by SMS 1 hour and 22 minutes before take-off. Do you know or care that there is no way I can get home, pack and get to the airport on time? There … Continue reading

Look Mum I made a Rendang!

Like all Mums, mine is a fountain of unsolicited good advice: 1) Always brush and tie-up your hair at bedtime 2) You don´t need to buy ANOTHER face cream, you need to drink more water 3) If you´re scared of doing something ask yourself what´s the worst that could happen. If you end up broke … Continue reading

Ferran Adriá´s Watermelon and Basil Gazpacho

Ladies and Gentlemen, what you see before you is a Ferran Adriá dish. A Ferran Adriá dish made by ME!!! I know, I can barely believe it myself. But the fact of the matter is this. Back in 1998 Ferran published this book: “Cooking in ten minutes with Ferran Adriá.” It´s not so much a … Continue reading

A handful of mussels for dinner.

I stopped by the fishmongers stall on Friday. I hadn’t meant to. I was on my way to buy ice cream. What stopped me was the mussels. I don’t like mussels, not really. But these were different. They were small, less than an inch, and the most beautiful irridiscent blackyblue. When I got the home … Continue reading

Single chick supper: Lavender figs with ricotta.

A. came to visit last week, it’s always hard when he leaves. To comfort myself I remind myself of all the things that are great about living alone. I deliberately left the top off the toothpaste,  I listened to Lady Gaga over and over again as I got ready for work and for supper I … Continue reading

Clean out your cupboards! Farfalle with pistachios.

My kitchen cabinets are deep, and full, and at the back you´ll find a motley collection of random eatables that must have seemed like a good idea to someone. Usually it´s friends who come to visit and buy stuff that just doesn´t figure into my scheme of things -15 different kinds of tea, lentils, hi-bran … Continue reading

Toaster oven baking: Alice Medrich´s cocoa brownies & brownie cheesecake.

Making a whole tray of brownies just for yourself may sound a bit much. But it was a Sunday, my first Sunday home alone with nothing to do and nowhere to be since a long time. I don´t know what you do on such occasions but I slob around the house in my harem pants … Continue reading

Lunchbox special: Hummus

  Spring has finally arrived in Madrid and with it our bi-annual office tradition, “Operacíon Bikini”. Twice a year, just after Christmas and before the summer holidays, our office falls victim to the tyranny and mass hysteria of The Soup Diet. The soup in question is a rather heinous concoction of cabbage, leeks and a … Continue reading

Fennel and coriander spiced pork

I’m the kind of person who wanders around the supermarket in a mild state of panic, picks things up, puts them back and always comes out with the same things. Lemons, eggs, potatoes and apple juice. So it is with great pride Florence that I tell you that last Thursday I picked up a pork loin. … Continue reading