What to eat when BA cancels Christmas: My Mum´s whole spice braised chicken.

British Airways you suck. Thank you for cancelling my flight home for Xmas and then “re-instating it”. Thank you for letting me know by SMS 1 hour and 22 minutes before take-off. Do you know or care that there is no way I can get home, pack and get to the airport on time? There … Continue reading

Crème brûlée for one: Vanilla. Lavender. Cardamom. PARMESAN.

Like so many people I know, a good crème brûlée is one of my most favourite desserts. But it´s one  I´ve always been hesitant about making. I´m  intimidated by anything that needs a water bath or involves a gently cooked custard. Whether it´s meant to be crème brûlée or ice cream, it usually ends up as scrambled eggs. So it … Continue reading

A handful of mussels for dinner.

I stopped by the fishmongers stall on Friday. I hadn’t meant to. I was on my way to buy ice cream. What stopped me was the mussels. I don’t like mussels, not really. But these were different. They were small, less than an inch, and the most beautiful irridiscent blackyblue. When I got the home … Continue reading

Risotto is for lazy people too! With fava beans and lemon.

I used to be terrified of risotto. Isn’t it for people who can stir a pot for 30 minutes? My arm feels dead and numb if it has to stir for longer than 3. But then I read Made in Italy by Giorgio Locatelli. The guy is nuts about risotto. His introduction to it is … Continue reading

Lemon crème fraiche pasta

I hope you´ll forgive me if I´m not very charming today. It´s just one of those days. A Wednesday, freezing cold, the rain is falling horizontally and on the way to work my left boot developed a hole. There´s nothing worse than a sodden sock. My fridge is bare, and by the time I got … Continue reading

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

I once lived with a chef, my friend Walter. He was straight out of the Anthony Bourdain school. At one stage he was pulling 16 hour shifts and spending the mornings dancing away in some of Berlin´s most notorious clubs. But when he was at home, he didn’t cook much -he would order in pizza, or … Continue reading