Mas Estela Winery.

We almost didn´t make it to Mas Estela. It was pouring buckets and we were driving the wrong way down a muddy lane barely wide enough for a donkey. I was in a foul mood and all ready to turn back and go home. We´d been searching all day for a beach that allowed dogs*; for our … Continue reading

When in Bombay, eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Internet Dating. I haven´t tried it, probably never will. But I´ve come pretty close. It usually starts with an innocuous comment on a post, followed by e-mails and before you know it I´m standing on a street corner in a carefully chosen outfit scanning the crowd for my Potential New Blogger Friend.  This is pretty much … Continue reading

Crêperie de l’Abri

Before A. took me home to Brittany a crepe for me was fairground food, something made at a stall that left a greasy imprint on its paper plate. God I was naive back then. A true Breton crepe is a sublime thing of great beauty. Like the English and their pubs, the Breton are fiercely … Continue reading


It’s hard to believe from behind my desk in the suburbs, that just last week I was here: Brittany, my boyfriend´s home. His mother has an old fisherman’s cottage 10 metres from the shore. It´s in the middle of nowhere, a half hour drive from the nearest supermarket. I´ll post more about the food in a bit, once … Continue reading

I was in Puglia. It was glorious. But I wish Alitalia would give me back my suitcase.

Girls, I just wanted to let you know that, yes, I am alive. I´ve just got back from the most wonderful vacation. 10 days spent driving around the south of Italy with my friend Anja. Flo, you don´t know her so let me tell you, she´s a darling and the best kind of holiday companion – … Continue reading